Essential devices or adaptive dining accessories for disability assistance

For disability assistance and in various other medical conditions like Stroke affected persons or those who have Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, rehabilitation measures would be of great concern for the caregivers. Depending on the severity of the disease the patient is suffering from and the challenges they are facing, the caregiver and their healthcare provider can decide on their rehabilitative measures. 

When coming disability assistance in dining activities, there are lots of Assistive Devices available on the market that can be of great help. 

Adapted Dining Plates, Plate Guards and Bowls intended to help solve dining challenges. Disabilities and physical restrictions can make eating time a bit messy for the patients as well their caregivers. Using special bowls or plates that are designed with raised edges to help scooping food, with non-slip bottoms and bright colors can help. These bowls come with added weight that can help stabilize shaking and tremors for stroke or Parkinson’s sufferers. Below mentioned are 2 Adaptive Utensils or dining wear that could be helpful.

Eurodib High Edge Non-Slip Plate.


This Eurodib High Edge Non-Slip Plate is an upgraded dining plate designed to help caregivers increase mealtime freedom. Ergonomic wide lip around the outer edge benefits easy handling. Unique corners and angles makes cornering and scooping food easy. 

The Durable adaptable Eurodib High Edge Non-Slip dining plate. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s made out of phthalate and BPA free plastic. The four rubber feet on the bottom of the plate avoids sliding and spilling food and will be very much helpful for users who have trouble scooping food. 

Specifications of the Eurodib Non-Slip Plates for disability assistance:  

  • Measures: 7-7/8 inches diameter, ¾ “tall sides. 
  • Materials:  Unbreakable polyester Plastic with no BPA or phthalates. 
  • Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe. Do not heat over 210-degree Fahrenheit. 

Power of Red Utensil Set:

Designed especially for disability assistance in persons with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Utensils can be bent for easy eating. This flexibility allows it to be bent to desired angle. Easy to hold soft cushion grips and the Rocker Knife in the set makes cutting food easier.

The Red Utensil Set includes:

  • Bendable spoon
  • Bendable fork
  • Rocker knife.
  • Fork and spoon are bendy to desired position. 
  • Dishwash washable.

These adapted dining aids can help the dining process much easier and enjoyable for those in need to avoid strain feeding themselves. 

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