Compression stockings: How knee length open toe stocking can help you and its variants

Varicose veins are bulky, puffy veins that often appear on the legs and feet. This happens when the valves in the veins disfunction, causing non effective blood flow. But they barely bother the persons, treatment is required unless the legs are aching, swelling and painful, resulting in a varicose vein rupture, or a varicose ulcer on the skin. 

If the patient is not bothered with any of the above painful symptoms, there is no need for any treatment. On the market few compression socks varieties are available that could provide a good amount of relief from the swollen ankles, Leg cramps, restless legs syndrome

Home remedies include:

  • Losing weight,
  • Raising the legs,
  • Avoiding prolonged standing or sitting,
  • Exercising. 

Compression stockings: Compression stockings are helpful as they improve blood circulation by squeezing the patient’s legs. For some people they make the skin flaky and dry. Where a consultation with a doctor is a must.


To prevent or reduce the risk of developing varicose veins, person’s who have to work standing or sitting for long hours should take care to move around often. At least once in half an hour. Also, patients can avoid sitting with legs crossed for long hours. It’s better to sleep or sit with feet raised on a pillow. Knee length Open Toe Stockings, is a product available on the market that could be of help to varicose vein sufferers.

Open Toe Knee Length Stockings:


FUTURO Open Toe Knee Length Stockings allows the patients to stay active, energized, and helps to stand for a long time while on work for both men and women alike. If the patient is sitting or standing in one place for all day this compression stockings will provide the required relief and circulation. While the open toe option lets the foot breath and the firm compression helps relieve the discomfort caused from varicose veins and achy tired legs, it is also intended to keep the patients moving at their regular pace. This FUTURO Open Toe Knee Length Stockings provides a soothing effect the entire day. 


  • Moderate to severe varicose veins and ankle swelling can be treated by Vein Therapy which helps relieve symptoms.
  • These compression stockings are suitable for sitting all day, standing or travelling or active work. 
  • During post-surgery recovery these stockings can be used as supportive comfort providers. 
  • Advanced compression aids to recover circulation.
  • Firm compression (20-30 mm/Hg).
  • Strengthened Heel for durability.
  • Knee length for improved coverage.
  • Materials used are smooth, soft and soothing.
  • As one moves the tired or achy legs gets massaged.
  • Open-toe design provides an even, relaxed finish. 
  • It’s a comfortable blend of nylon and spandex.

So, as a whole this FUTURO Open Toe Knee Length Stockings could be an ideal product for the Varicose vein patients. 

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