INDOBIONICS: An Indigenous startup brings up innovation in an assistive technology

INDOBIONICS an Indian Innovational Assistive Technology are the Developers of world’s first Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm. A Prosthetic Arm that has sensory response. 

INDOBIONICS is a venture where a group of medical and technical professionals work together, determined to bring a difference in life of physically impaired persons. They develop Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices, Medical Sensors and Biomedical Devices and Robotic Arm. 

They combine wide-range of experience with global cutting-edge technology to provide supportive devices, artificial limbs and mobility solutions that can improve the quality of life of differently abled people. 

Introducing below 4 of their products:

Prosthetics and Orthotics:  Collaboration Human Machine Interface (CHMI) INDOBIONICS team understands the prominence of operative limbs for a better living. The team concentrates in making reasonable and sophisticated prosthetic devices that can be controlled by the patients, adapting to their needs. The researchers guarantee to provide light weight functioning artificial limbs of best quality that can help the patients regain and retain mobility. 

HERNIA TACKER:  The extraordinary team developed the world’s first ecological HERNIA TACKER. Which is used in laparoscopic surgeries. This product can be reused as it can be autoclaved and becomes totally sterile and fit for the next use. It has proved to be cost-effective when compared with present tacks. 

CARDIAC ARREST PREDICTOR: This is a device that can predict a cardiac arrest hours before it really occurs. The team has also developed medical grade sensors for EMG and ECG machines. INDOBIONICS have developed indigenous sensors applied for various biomedical devices. 

ROBOTIC ARM:  The Robotic arms developed by the team, will be useful for doctors to perform cancer research in radioactive circumstances. 

The above innovative Assistive Products are developed with a noble thought to provide maximum comfort for the users and caregivers a like. The Team has won 4 awards. India Innovation Growth Program 2.0, India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2016, Eureka IIT Bombay and Design Impact Awards. 

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