OrCam MyEye: First looks on Innovative Device for Visually Impaired

OrCam MyEye is a revolutionary voice stimulated device that attaches almost to any pair of glasses. It’s a suitable product for all eye conditions and all levels of vision loss. People with reading difficulties or reading fatigue can equally benefit using this product. This device is capable of reading to the user any text from any surface like from a textbook, smartphone screen, and is also capable of recognizing faces, helps one to shop on their own, work with much efficiency and live independently.

Features of the product: 

  • The tiny device magnetically snaps onto the sides of the glasses and promptly reads text from any surface the user points out. 
  • Effortlessly recognize faces.
  • Independent Shopping experience is enabled with the product identification technology.
  • OrCam MyEye can recognize 1000’s of barcodes and easily identify items from the refrigerator.
  • Can recognize money notes which helps in shopping.
  • Color identification helps the users to choose a dress from a closet or find a suitable matching outfit. For color detection, its best to have the colored item at the eye level 12” or 30 centimeters height, place your index finger on the item or on the colored surface and wait for a few seconds, when your finger is detected, you will hear a double beep, followed by the color of the item. For color detection of a cloth, hold the clothing item on the palm of your hand without casting a shadow on the item, if the colored item has a text over it, then the device will read the text and does not announce the color. 

This OrCam MyEye carries visual information perceptibly, in real-time and offline. This product has been used by numerous visually impaired person’s and children aging from 6 to 100+. 

2 available versions of this product are OrCam MyEye Smart and OrCam MyEye PRO. 

  • OrCam MyEye Smart, comprises the latest brand-new Smart Reading feature and text reading feature. 
  • OrCam MyEye PRO, comprises features like recognizing faces, identifying products, money, barcodes, colors, reading text, telling time, Direction and smart reading features.

How does it work?

OrCam MyEye as name suggests functions just like a normal eye where the optic nerves pass signals that are viewed by eyes to the brain and the brain transmits it letting one to speak out or realize what they are viewing. 

The images from the surroundings are captured by an advanced optical sensor and communicates the information audibly totally offline. Instantly audio converted visuals, texts, products, faces, are transmitted through a tiny speaker which is placed above the wearer’s ear or through a linked Bluetooth device.

Voice commands too can activate this product, just speak “Hey OrCam”, along with the voice commands for ample hands-free usage of the device. 

This product is instant, intuitive and easy to use, Wearable, wireless, subtle and lightweight, works with all levels of vision loss, most advanced artificial intelligence assistive technology, offline operation-for use anywhere, no data privacy concerns. It is a best assistive solution product for the visually impaired.

Note: It will not improve a person’s vision, hearing impaired persons cannot benefit from the device. The OrCam MyEye device also requires the patient to have complete control of their head and hand movements.

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