C-Pen Reader: A Hope for Dyslexia Patients

The Pen Scanner is a C-Pen Reader, a major high-tech breakthrough for anyone learning English, Spanish or French and is a life-saver for those who suffer from dyslexia, which is a reading difficulty. The C-Pen Reader is so portable that it can be accommodated in a kid’s pencil box or can easily fit in the Pockets. It can read out texts in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish. This small Scanner Pen comes with built-in dictionaries like Oxford French, Collins English Dictionary and Spanish Dictionaries. By moving the nib through a word, it instantly displays the definition and reads it aloud. This C-Pen can be used by students, teachers and professionals to seizure essential information. The device can also be used as a scanner for capturing lines and text and uploading the same to a PC or Mac. It promotes independent reading. 


  • Completely independent product. 
  • Individual words and lines from text are read aloud. 
  • The C-pen requires no computer or Wi-Fi for reading. 
  • Oxford Primary Dictionary to multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions. 
  • It is helpful for people with restricted working memory as it can record audio to review later. The system can scan multiple languages with English accents, including French and Spanish. 
  • With no need of additional software, the scanned text can be transferred to PC or Mac, directly through USB or from the 8GB storage.
  • The package includes a carry case, Reader Pen, USB cable, instruction manual and earphones.


  • The C-Pen Reader is for anyone with Dyslexia or learning English or Spanish.
  • The new, smaller C-Pen Reader enables improved handling for younger users.
  • Improved voice quality allows for clear understanding or spoken text. 
  • The C-Pen Reader allows the user to scan words and get instant dictionary definitions to translations.
  • Scanned text can be stored and transferred to a computer for later use.
  • The C-Pen Reader can store audio recordings, transforming into a handy Dictaphone.
  • The C-Pen Reader reads the text back via the built-in speaker or headphones.’
  • C-Pen reader allows you to scan and hear English or Spanish text.
  • The pen speaks with regional accents that match your chosen language settings.
  • Reader pen promotes independence and develops confidence.
  • This device weighs 50 grams. 
  • Dimensions: 30.4 length, Width 24, Height 5.4 centimeters.  

  How to Use C-Pen?

Using the C-Pen is simple, just move the pen over the words, a paragraph, or the entire page.  The C-Pen reader using Text to speech technology reads printed text or anything that the reading has scanned. The Reader displays a first-class speaking language like American or British, Spanish or French.  The device can be used to listen to pronunciations or to help reading in general. A high accuracy OCR allows the user to capture and save quotes and other text of interest immediately and the texts are saved in text files which are then easily transferred to the user’s computer. Very convenient device for students and researchers.

The C-Pen Reader holds a superior electronic dictionary. If the user is stuck with a doubt on the meaning of a word or a sentence they can be assisted immediately by this C-Pen device.  The smart device also can store and remember the reader, when necessary, on the words they had looked for. 

Record A Reminder: The C-Pen Recording facility can record audio Live. The audio files can be listened to at any convenient time as they are saved in the device. They can be uploaded to the user’s computer as well.

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