3 standalone features of Tobii Eye-tracking assistive solution

Innovations in the technology have definitely growing its hand in the field of disability rehabilitation and also impacting the social sector.  Along with widening the opportunities when it comes to accessibility and independent navigation for persons with locomotor disabilities.

Tobii has introduced their Eye-tracking sensor technology that enables the possibility of controlling a computer or other smart device with the movement of eyeballs.  The eye tracker is developed with the capabilities of detecting the attention, focus and presence of the user.  It allows the unique insights into personalized attributes and facilitates the natural user interface and functionality in a wide range of devices.

  • Most advanced algorithms: being brain of the system, this technology has incorporated the most advanced algorithms that can interpret the image patterns which are generated by the sensors. The performance is attained by collective working of image processing, machine learning and mathematical algorithms in locating the exact position and movement of the gaze point.
  • Most advanced hardware technology: with the implementation of custom designed sensors, the hardware that can endure with its quality in working with a high performance sensor. Along with the addition of projectors, image sensors and optics, all tailor made for the custom processing with the complex algorithms.
  • Wide range platform support: integration of intelligent application layer for enabling the access to various devices and technologies like the integration of Eye-tracking with other input devices like touchpad, keyboard and voice has made it the next level user centric device.

Aside from the complexities of the system, the user reviews suggest that it works natural, intuitive, effective and engaging than any of the conventional user interfaces.  Let’s hope for more research and possibilities To widen the horizons of assistive solutions and accessible devices.


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