4 reasons to try Lifting Seats

Lifting seats are one among the user centric innovative assistance aids which can cater for a range of user segments including aged people, persons with disabilities and also others with severe medical conditions.

Assistance in sitting and standing

This support device can effectively offer assistance at the time of sitting and standing by gently reclining to and from the posture.  The product is available in two different power options, electric and battery operated working.

Joint stress release

Declining movement of lower limb joints can develop strain because of aging or other medical conditions.  Smooth reclining of the seat can effectively reduce the strain of weight bearing at fragile postures. This also ensures the safe and friction free movement of joints and provide protection that might include muscle strain and possibly from microtears.

Effortless mobility

Listing seats which are self powered can be operated with ease by a lever or through the remote control.  Also there are devices which are being powered by innovative pneumatic technologies that gets automatically activated as the user stands and such devices does not even require battery power or electricity.  Such easier mobility options can be the best suitable mobility aids for outdoor use.

Assistance to caregiver in patient transfer

This device is one of its kind most accustomed for the users to assist their caregivers supporting in transferring from a chair or bed.  As the device takes the initial lift, it takes over the hard part in lifting a patient.

The matter of consideration while buying lifting seats is that, the user might also use this product along with other assistance equipments such as walkers, crutches or even canes.  This can make the device usage more effective in maintaining balance while standing and sitting.  Caution must be taken care not to use lifting seats placed in a wheelchair, as there is a greater possibility if the chair couldn’t facilitate a rigid support.

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