6 Things to know before choosing a cane

Canes are popular walking aids that can provide assistance in medical conditions like minor injuries, issues with mobility and balance.  Various kinds and designs of canes are now available in the surgical stores, some of them include single tip foldable, four tip, single tip aluminium made or wooden canes.  Let’s read about a few suggestions and recommendations to be noted prior to the purchase of a cane.

  1. Variants based on cane tip: out in the market, three major weariness are available that includes single tip, three tip and four tip canes. While the four and three tip canes facilitate greater stability, single tip is the standard and compact version commonly used by persons having very minor mobility issues.
  2. Height of cane: one of the major factors of consideration is the height of cane, as it can cause further injury owing to the uncomfortable and less stabilized support. It’s always good to measure your wrist to floor length with elbow flexed up to 30° as for that comfort of supportive walking. Sometimes it may require to cut the cane to make it customized, also height adjustable versions can be chosen for easier flexibility.
  3. Maximum weight capacity: make sure to check the maximum capacity of the cane if it sufficiently support the user’s body weight.
  4. Handle variants: as far as the comfort of handle and holding is concerned, there are a variety of option available and it’s recommended that the user checks and ensures the aesthetic and comfort performances.
  5. Accessories: the accessories including wrist strap, rubber tip and other utility support can also be purchased along with the product.
  6. Support only for one side of the body: by its design and the way it’s meant to work, canes can’t be of assistance for the support of entire body weight.

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