Apple’s updates for easier accessibility

Have you been through articles related to accessibility?  In most of such articles and presentations we can find a wide variety of accessibility technologies which has been developed and designed ultimately for the disabled community and helps common people too. In recent years we have been witnessing the launch of many voice assistant Technologies and devices like Siri, Alexa and Google home which has been a milestone in the innovative world which are generally useful tools for accessing to digital world. In this set of circumstances it’s really important to discuss about the new software updates brought forward by apple which has been focused towards the people with disabilities.

Apple now has made up significant breakthrough by the announcement of their new service by the name SignTime which got launched in association with the Global accessibility awareness day and it would provide customer service to AppleCare and retail customer care through the use of sign language. SignTime also provides assistance specifically for customers who use American, British or French Sign Languages. Apple’s senior director of global accessibility policy and initiatives said that the company was longing to make their best technology accessible for everyone including the disabled people. Another breakthrough was there introduction of assistive touch of Applewatch. With the help of assistive touch the people can control the watch without touching its screen and another notable feature that apple has brought in is the eye-tracking support for Apple iPad, VoiceOver Image Description improvements, updates which are added to MFi – Made for iPhone hearing aids and audiogram support, background sounds for better comfort and focus, and more of such accessibility Technologies has been brought forward by Apple

Apple’s these promising updates and their purposeful marketing, would significantly became a worthful breakthrough and would help more people to break the hindrance due to their disabilities and more effectively gain access to the digital world.

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