Assistive grab bars for customized user needs

Grab bars are one of the most essential accessories with great benefits in a restroom, near the shower or any rooms of their need.  Walgreens, Stander, Able life, Drive Medical, Nova, Aqua Sense, Health Smart, markets almost 13 varieties of Grab Bars. Grab Bars are used to improve safety and provide additional support. 

  1. Suction cup Grab Bar: These Bars are not meant to support the user’s entire weight. Must check strength past each use. Easy to Install and Remove, place to any flat surface then push the vacuum lever down to ensure a secure grip. It can be fitted at any angle. Red and Green Indicators Display Safe and Locked Suction.
  2. Safety Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar:  Make sure the Security Pole is installed tightly between the floor and ceiling. All Shielding rubber pads should be in contact with the ground and ceiling. The product is not advice able for mentally unstable and for obese persons. Better consult a physician before opting this product. 
  3. The Curve Grab Bar: This product is manufactured for persons who need support while sitting down and getting up from a sitting position. Avoid hanging or swinging on these Curve Grab Bars. 
  4. Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar: To be used as Bathroom grab Bars, standing handle, in living room, or bedside support.
  5. Adjustable Angle Rotating Suction Cup Grab Bar:  This Grab Bar is a dual rotating grab bar, letting the user adjust the bars in multiple angles.
  6. Wall Grab Bar Chrome with Knurled Handle: Used as a support system near to shower or bath tubs. The user should grip the grab bar securely while entering or exiting bathtubs. Caution should be taken on wet surfaces. Grab bars can be cleaned with soap and water.
  7. Chrome Knurled Grab Bar: Best product for elderly or sick or those who experience fatigue or balancing problems, while entering, existing, standing or sitting while using the shower or lavatory can use Chrome Knurled Grab Bar. 
  8.  12” Wall Grab Bar: Care should be taken while installing the Wall Grab Bars, Toggle Bolts are recommended for plaster or Drywall. For masonry installations Lead anchors are preferred. 
  9. Suction cup Grab Bar: Large suction cups of these Grab Bars provide very strong hold. Release Levers make removing and installing suction cups easy and quick. Green Indicator indicates “safely secure”, Red Indicator shows the grabs “needs Adjustment”.
  10. Knurled Chrome Grab Bar with Rotating Flange 24”: This Bar can be fixed near the Bathtub wall, shower wall or near the toilet or sink areas. This can be fixed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. They are rust resilient and stainless-steel hardware.
  11. 16” Suction Grab Bars, Sand Color with BactiX: These Grab Bars come with Durable Suction Pads, Ensures Safe Balance Assistance, and can be installed easily. 

The advantage of BactiX application is, it helps protect the system against the growth of harmful germs with the power of a unique combination of natural antimicrobials. Protects against molds and stains, E. coli, staph and odors. Protects the product throughout its lifetime. 

  1. 12” Chrome Grab Bar with BactiX: This product shares almost all the same features of 16” Grab Bar with BactiX. 
  2. 16” Chrome Grab Bar with BactiX: This Grab Bar comes with durable suction pads, ensuring quick and easy installation. Filled with BactiX antimicrobial protection and Latex free.


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