BeasyTrans Transfer Slides: easy patient transfer solution

The BeasyTrans Transfer Slides deliver users with a comfortable, safe and distinguished way to transfer patients from bed to wheelchair, to a car, from a wheelchair to commode or shower seat and back over. BeasyTrans Transfer Slides are completely portable. 

This Transfer Slide as per clinicians can avoid any back injuries that can be caused due to lifting the patients to shift. As it can cause arm and brachial plexus kind injuries, as well as back injuries from being torqued or twisted. These frictionless Transfer slides can be of great help in patient transfer.

These BeasyTrans Transfer Slides have made the sliding technology being applied in a wide range of therapeutic and transfer purposes, at both home care and clinical atmosphere. Using the Beasy seat beneath a draw sheet can reduce the number of caregivers to perform difficult transfers of patients to a flat surface. As the seat can be rotated in 360 degrees they can even be used for a variety of physical exercises for hands, feet or any other body parts. 


  • They are available in 40” 32” and 27.5”. 
  • Frictionless, Lateral slide allows for a smooth transfer. Made from a super strong plastic polymer.
  • Seat rotates: 360 degrees.
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

How to use it?

The Beasy Premium Transfer System boards are designed for use under the assistance of a caregiver. 

  • First make sure the unit is firmly placed on both ends.
  • During the transfer try to minimize the incline as much as possible. Also keep the board leveled.
  • While transferring on hard surfaces, it’s better to select appropriate materials and place them amid the transfer board and the hard surface. 
  • Make sure the front edge of the seat is clearly seen before transferring.
  • Clear the path of the seat of obstacles. 
  • Avoid lifting patients during transfer. 
  • Take care to keep the unit hands free during transfer.

With these Transfer Slides, the life of many patients suffering from immobility and still willing to move out to attend functions or visit families for which they might need to get shifted to a car could be made easy for those willing to attend their educational and cultural happenings, even at home with a caregiver’s help. 

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