Check out ample swim gear to meet special needs

People with specific and special needs who love to use swimming pools or as a part of their therapy can find it hard. If they are provided with the right swim Gears swimming could be more fun and safer. Especially during summer when the weather is fuming hot many would love to enjoy some time in the pools. But for kids with special needs going to the pool and having fun would be a problem. Children with limited physical fitness/disabilities are at greater risk while using the pool. As their Ear tubes and hearing aids need to be kept dry. 

Now there are products that can help with above mentioned problems and create a much safer atmosphere for adults and children with special needs. 

Ear Tube Protectors: These Ear plugs keep Ear tubes dry and water free with specialized plugs and a swim-cap-Lite band. Using specialized plugs and swim-cap-lite-bands, ear tubes can be kept dry and ears water free. Some of the above-mentioned products are as quoted below. 

Putty Buddies: These silicone earplugs designed by an ENT specialist are soft and extra-large to wholly seal the outer ear providing a watertight seal over the ear canal. These putty Buddies are colorful, lightweight, making them float on water and can be easily retrieved if dropped in the pool. The soft silicone used in this Swim Gear benefits as the child can hear through the plug and pay attention to instructions. 

Ear Band-It: These Bands are designed by the makers of Putty Buddies. These Neoprene Bands help to keep ear plugs intact. 

Doc’s Proplugs: These earplugs which are made of a soft hypoallergenic plastic called Dynaflex and are wholly reusable, latex free. This Swim Gear product becomes more flexible when they are warmed with the warmth of the user’s ear and gradually fits to each person’s ear auricle. The proper use of these Doc’s Proplugs benefits individuals who Love surfing, Swimming, Scuba Diving, also benefits to prevent damage to ear tube, vent tubes, while bathing, listening to high music/noise. 

These Swim Gears also prevent future ear problems like:

  • Water-skier’s Ear (ruptured eardrum)
  • Musician’s Ear (high-frequency hearing loss)
  • Surfer’s Ear (bony growth)
  • Swimmer’s Ear (Infection).

These Swim Gear’s specially designed by an ENT Professional would a be great choice for kids and adults alike to keep their ears in good health. 

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