Digital assistive solutions for visual and hearing affected persons

There exist around us, a million or more number of people in the world who have various types of disabilities and are now in this digital age, trying to access the digital world.  But some kind of standard computing Technologies is being a hindrance for the disabled community to access the digital world. Luckily there are alternative solutions for this hindrance and it’s known as assistive technologies but most of the people are not aware of these technologies, so in this article, we can have a look at some of such assistive Technologies with focus on visually impaired and hearing-impaired persons.

  • Assistive Technology for visual disabilities

Screen magnifier: It’s a software or application, often in built-in most of the operating systems where a person with low vision can magnify word graphics or a picture on a computer screen or in a mobile device it can be magnified 20 X larger than the original size.

Screen reader

Screen magnifier what’s the solution for a person with low vision but screen reader provide a solution for both people with low vision and no vision. The screen reader reads documents PDF and all types of text including the user interface text. The speed accent and volume of the screen reader can be set easily for better understanding.

  • Assistive Technologies for hearing disabilities

Earlier times, the audio/verbal media was not much accessible for persons with hearing disabilities.  As for now, by the introduction of closed captions (CC) and transcripts for the added multimedia elements, the digital space is being more inclusive and accessible.

Transcription software/applications

Considering the option that in certain cases where verbal elements missing the captions and transcripts, there are solutions like automatic transcription software that offers the support in converting audio into text.

As an introductory content on simple assistive solutions for people with disabilities, it has to be mentioned that the solutions meant for persons with disabilities are not just creating an inclusive environment for their community but also it makes the life of many able-bodied persons much easier and delightful.

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