eSight: innovation for vision, two simple steps to clear vision

Vision related disabilities and disorders and always been a platform for research, eSight is presenting innovation that brings new hope.  Being clinically validated by leading vison institutions, this assistive solution offers support for more than 20 different kinds of eyesight disorders.  Let’s get to know more about eSight 3, how it works and product updations.

eSight is an effective vision enhancer for various conditions including diabetic retinopathy, Retinopathy of Prematurity cataracts, Stargardt’s Disease, Ocular Albinism, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Optic Atrophy, Retinal Detachment.  This device can capture high quality and display the enhanced custom optimized visuals presented before each eyes on two high resolution OLED screens.  Also, the developers had thought of making this device with a user entertaining and engaging perspective.  ESight is a feature rich device in terms of capturing the life moments and social media connectivity.  Apart from being an effective vison aid, this device can engage its user with the functionalities like eSight to click pictures and share it with social audience.

How to use eSight electronic glasses

Apart from the fact that this device works with the help of battery power, it’s almost all the same as a normal pair of glasses.  Simply put on the glassless, you’ll get a remote controlled switch that needs to be turned on and Hola world!  Welcome to all new visual experience.  The device which can be set up according to the requirements of different users, displays the live footage of surrounding scenes.  Also more customizations according to the real time requirements can be met with the remote control.  By using the remote control, user can adjust the zoom, contrast, color settings and focus alterations.

Experts recommend eSight pertinently for its outcomes of considerable improvement with training as the visual abilities of users are being clinically observed when the device being used.

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