Exclusive assistive robots for orthopedic disabilities

Assistive Robots are devices which allow the disabled to surpass their disabilities by technological innovation and perform their daily activities without any assistance from a manual caretaker. 

Assistive Robots are beneficial for both, fragile elderly and for disabled. They support them to get back to their normal life by supporting them in their basic activities. These Assistive Robots are equally beneficial for other persons, who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stroke, Amputees, Temporary Impairment and those suffering from a Spinal Cord Injury. These physically challenged persons can use this Robotic Assistance to carry on with their daily activities like taking medicines, exercising, bathing, dressing, eating, communicating, playing, reading, socializing and relaxing as well.  

There are a variety of good assistive Robots available in the market that can be chosen by the needy candidates depending on their requirements.  Among them, Exoskeletons, Scewo Bro, ReWalk, Atalante, Gogoa’s Hank and ATLAS 2030 are the few to mention.

  • Exoskeletons: This Robotic Assistive Device is specially manufactured to fulfil the needs of the persons who cannot move around self-reliantly. One type of robotic arms is mind-regulated that function as much as or even better than human arms. 
  • Scewo Bro:  Scewo Bro Assistive Robot is a wheelchair that’s compact and self-balancing which allows persons to climb obstacles, like stairs, steep terrains, edges or just standing still. This device helps people climb stairs independently and effortlessly.  The wheel chair’s robust rubber tracks provide a safe and relaxed shift up or     down stairs. The extra-wide base provides stability even on spiral staircases. It provides nimble directional and lively driving over common obstacles like verges. The user can control the chair by shifting his body weight or using the joystick. The wheelchair has 3 different driving modes. Elevated mode, Track mode and Safe mode.
  • Elevated Mode: This mode enables reaching high-lying objects and eye-to eye communication.
  • Track Mode:  This mode overpowers greasy surfaces such as gravel or snow, steep slopes or trickier obstacles with improved grip. 
  • Safe Mode:  This Mode can be used to get on and off the system, reach a table or standing still. 

This advanced wheelchair offers a Dynamic Experience to the users. This ‘’Scewo Bro’’Assistive Robot wheelchair has won the Red Dot Design “Best of the Best” awards.


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