Eyedrivomatic powered wheelchairs controlled by eyegaze

Technical advancement in all fields of human life has affected people in every part of the world. Inventions, Researches and Bio Technical advancements had been beneficial to the physically and mentally challenged persons alike. 

From driverless cars, mind-controlled exoskeletons along with other recent inventions for the disabled have gained lots of popularity. Eye-controlled powered Wheelchairs were one of them which were largely accepted. Now a new Invention Eyedrivomatic is the latest in the market.

Eyedrivomatic was designed by Joyce who invented it realizing the issues people face daily related to mobility. He developed an eyegaze system for himself which could function with the computer that’s mounted on the user’s chair to operate the joystick physically. This system was built to be good enough to go with every combination of wheelchairs and eyegaze. Eyedrivomatic system can be split into 2 parts: a windows app, which interfaces with an electronic hand and eyegaze system.

Electronic hand is a device which contains servos which move the joystick combined with 3 relays which activate the switch. Eyedrivomatic was designed particularly for those individuals who have lost their muscle control due to any disease or injury. The quadriplegic persons are the most benefited with this Eyedrivomatic technology. Eye tracking technology has been used in this invention. The system is claimed to be inexpensive and there was no need to make any changes in the users existing hardware and the technology would function with virtually any eyegaze and wheelchair combination. 

The technology provides safe and smooth movement with controlled accuracy, almost all the functions of a wheelchair can be operated just as if done with normal hands. The Electronic Hand in the Eyedrivomatic is a gimbal system that’s fixed on the wheelchair’s where the joysticks are placed. This can provide 20 degrees of drive irrespective of direction. The software application Windows OS used in the Eyedrivomatic combined with the user’s eyegaze system transfers the eye movements to commands to trigger the wheelchair functions.

This latest technology can be expected to bring new hopes for the quadriplegic bringing independent mobility with increased quality of life.  

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