Eyeon Lifeline a communication tablet for hospitalized quadratic patients

EyeTech Digital Systems, a leading company in eye-tracking for health, has launched EyeOn LifeLine. This is an upgraded version of EyeOn.  This EyeOn LifeLine is a self-calibrating, Augmentative and Alternative communication equipment AAC.  The Device was made for ICUs and emergency rooms to communicate with patients who are bed ridden and unable to speak. The patients with Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Cerebral palsy, stroke, Rett Syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, autism spectrum, Spinal cord injuries and muscular dystrophy can also benefit from it. 

Few specifications of (AAC) Augmentative and Alternative Communication:

This is the most Advanced system of its kind on the market. This product is one of the slimmest, light-weighted, most accurate, and fastest tablets.  It has a completely integrated eye tracking facility. It’s an all-in-one Hands-Free convenient product. This (AAC)device is a combination of portability of a tablet along with analytical power of eye-tracking technology. It’s so perfectly designed to balance between form and function. The EyeOn claims to be the most advanced systems of its kind by distributing extraordinary precision and dependability, battery life of ten hours, amplified sound, high resolution imaging day or night, in addition to all these features the systems protection too has been taken care of by fitting it’s slim form in a protective casing that guaranties the systems durability.

How does this Communication Tablet Function?

The Patient can Request or express pain level by just looking at word squares on the stand-mounted tablet monitor. This request/ message is transferred into a voicemail with the help of speakers for doctors and nurses. This device has been set up as an ultra-portable device, so that it can be operated with multiple patients. The patients can ask for what they require when they require with this latest EyeOn tracking technology. They bear no heavy headset nor difficult calibration. By this set up it is expected to bring more inpatient results. 

Thus, this Invention is for sure going to be a boon at the Emergency wards and ICUs for patients and the medical team working restlessly to save numerous lives. 


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