Hand In Motion: Indian innovation to the global market of assistive technology devices

Indian approaches to the rehabilitation system designs in assistive technology had been welcomed by the global users for its reliability and versatility.  Developed by Osind Meditech, Hand In Motion is a wearable, lightweight, compact and easily portable device design for physiotherapy hospitals, clinics and homecare purpose. The device has not yet launched to the market, the early looks provided by the manufacturers propose as an autonomous device for the rehabilitation of stroke and neuromuscular medical conditions. HIM-2 is one of a kind device that offers both passive mobilization and active mobilization.

Passive hand rehabilitation

In certain medical conditions like injuries affecting the flexor tendons, the patient will be diagnosed with restricted flexion movements of one or more fingers.  HIM with the provision of connecting the fingers with a support string, effectively flex the joints.  By this simple mechanism, the device offers user tailored mobility to specific joints and thereby facilitating reliable treatment support for passive hand rehabilitation.  The repetition of movements and the range of flexion can be controlled by the device and recorded for the easier monitoring and evaluation of rehabilitation process and patient recovery.

Active mobilization

In the treatment of medical conditions were one arm gets affected and the other being healthy, the device can provide active assistance with the synchronized movements from the healthy hand to other.  For patient rehabilitation treatments in brachial plexus injury, HIM assists in the active mobilization of joints in the affected hand by replicating the movements from other hand.  This is made possible with a pair of gloves with integrated sensors connected to one hand and mobilizing support on the other.


Also, the device is capable of offering a live environment for the entire rehabilitation treatment routines by gamifying the activities.  With all the requirements of rehabilitation, Hand In Motion is bringing new possibilities and hope to this segment.

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