How to Find Font In Any Picture

This article describes how to find fonts in any picture. The technology is growing every minute. Technology is trying to solve every obstacle in front of us. Moreover, it is introducing new techniques and tricks to make our life fun. We found a lot of pictures and images. We like some fonts very much on images and wish to use the same font on images or somewhere. But the name of the font is unknown. How to find the name of the font on an image. The article is explaining two methods to find the name of the font on an image.

Method 1:

This method explain how to find font by Font Squirrel website

  • Download the image or copy the URL of the image we want to find the font.
  • Open Font Squirrel website.
  • Click Upload image if you have downloaded copy, or paste the image URL.
  • We need to crop the image to highlight the text on the image
  • Then click on Matcherate It.
  • There will appear a group of options below the image. We just need to select the correct font. We can also download or purchase it from there.

Methods 2:

Here we explain how to find fonts using photoshop. Adobe Photoshop also has a tool to identify the font.

  • First we need to download the image we want to find the font.
  • Open the image on Adobe Photoshop.
  • Take the rectangular marquee tool on Photoshop and draw a rectangle around the font we want to find.
  • Click on the toolbar and select Type > Match Font.
  • Then there will be an option to select fonts from the fonts already installed on our PC or we can download matching ones from the Web.

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