How To Make Space On Your Hard Drive

This article will help readers to learn how to make space on your hard drive. The laptop or desktop come with specious inbuilt storage. But accumulating too many files will affect the performance of a laptop or desktop. Sometimes we are unaware of how the photos, videos and apps affect the performance of the system. Are you facing lag, freezing programs, or difficulty in finding files? It is time to remove unwanted files. To get more information about making space on your hard drive read the article.

How to uninstall unwanted apps & programs

There may be some apps that you do not not use regularly. Then why keep such apps in your system. Uninstalling unwanted apps from your system is a great way to get more space on your hard disk.

To uninstall an app on laptop or desktop click the “Start” button from your desktop. Choose “Apps.” Please select “Apps and Features.” Select the unused app from the list and click on Uninstall.

Keep a clean desktop

We have a habit of saving everything on the desktop.This is not a good habit as it uses operating memory to always display files on the desktop. This is another reason why our laptop or desktop may slow down. So remove the unnecessary files and shift important files to other folders.

Clearing Recycle Bin

When files are deleted from a PC or desktop, they are not permanently deleted from the system. The files are moved to the recycle bin. That’s why the restoring of files is possible. The first step in creating free space is to delete the files in the Recycle Bin.

Steps to delete files from Recycle Bin

  • First, open start and search for the Recycle Bin.
  • Click the Recycle Bin Tools tab and the Empty Recycle Bin button.

Remove unnecessary large file

The system of the laptop or desktop can handle big files. But sometimes huge files affect the performance capability of the system.

How to check which file is the largest.

  • Please open Windows Explorer
  • Choose “This PC.”
  • Type “size” on the search box
  • A list of files will be appeared
  • From there you can select unwanted big files and shift it to the recycle bin. You can repeat this process until you get enough space.

Use the Disk Cleanup Tool

We can also depend on Disk Cleanup Tools. It is a one click solution and the tool is capable of selecting unnecessary files.

Find it via the search box. Please select “Drive: C” to clean. The process will continue for several minutes.

Clear temporary files

When we visit websites certain files such as cookies, images, and text files will be saved on our system. It is to save the loading time when we visit the website next time. But you can remove such things if you do not have space.

Each browser has different steps to clear cookies. Moreover, the Windows tool can manage temporary files. Removing cookies, temporary files, and cache will give instant results.

Manage downloaded files

We download a lot of videos, audios and photos daily. Nobody has time to remove the unused downloads. Removing the unnecessary downloaded files will help to save a lot of space in the laptop or desktop. Don’t forget to move the important files to a permanent folder. To remove the unnecessary downloaded file select it and click on delete.


Another way is regular backup of the files on the hard drive. It will help to reduce the usage of hard disks. Moreover, if you face any damage to your system your files will be safe.

It is necessary to delete or uninstall useless files regularly. It is essential for the performance of a laptop or desktop. So find time to make free space on the hard drive. Hope this article is very useful to you. We will come back with a new topic.

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