How To Translate Text Using Gboard

Here we are going to check how to translate text using Gboard. Gboard app is one of the useful apps introduced by Google the tech giant. The company first introduced it for IOS, and soon Google made it available for Android. Actually, it is the rebranded version of Google keyboard. Gboard came with some new features.

The user need not to leave the current app and open Google search for any information. We can take GIFs and emojis and dispatch them. Gboard supports new specification text translation. It is for the Android beta.

It features built-in text translation. So the user need not exit the current app to open Google Translate. The app will be a bliss to convert the text into another language.

How to use Gboard translator on an Android device

Touch on the three dots on the top-right of your keyboard. Then a drop down menu will appear.

Select “Translate,” and touch on it

Now we can type the message that we want to translate. We can see languages in the top-right. It is the language we write. On the top-right we can select the language in which we are going to translate.

Touch on your preferred language

When we complete the typing, touch on the check mark at the bottom right corner of the keyboard. Then we will get the translated message.

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