Innovative treatment plans with MIERON VRN: Virtual Reality Neurotherapy

Virtual Reality Neurotherapy.

How does It work:

Utilizing sensory input mechanisms and visuospatial elements of VR, MIERON works to activate the brain in new ways to develop new skills, increase brain fitness and through exercise enhances performance.

For Upper and lower body mobility, core engagement and trunk stability experiences   are included by MIERON in their product. Virtual Reality Neuro Therapy stimulates nerve pathways which helps in reducing pain by 90% which lasts longer even outside the VRNT session. MIERON can be used on its own or can be paired with other rehab equipment like FES, Vibration therapy and even for Gait Training.

The MIERON HEADSET:  The MIERON works with an Ergonomically designed wireless headset, as it can be used with adaptive assistive equipment. By six degrees of freedom and improved analytics, MIERON inspires the users to stay more active, improving their quality of life. 

MIERON VR is intended to help users Achieve additional mobility, Independence and quality of life. 

There are Multiple ways MIERON can be included to work with various levels of mobility. The VR technology provides an expansive library of upper and lower body exercises, pain management experiences and mental wellness techniques. 

Physical Therapy: MIERON can be used by the in-patient and out-patient as a stand-alone treatment or paired with other PT and OT Equipment.

Rehabilitation: To improve mobility and independence rehab experience emphasis on Locomotive training and activity-based training. For healthcare Providers and at-home user’s, Exclusive Libraries are provided by MIERON.

Mental wellness: Wide-ranging library includes skills for mindfulness, mental wellness, combating depression and effective pain relief. 

Pain management: VR is a healthy and effective pain management tool as it has proved to reduce pain and awareness. Virtual Reality can be used as an early interference or extra treatment in reducing the risk of chemical dependency or opioid abuse. 

Quality of Life: MIERON rehabilitation enables the users to achieve more strength, mobility, independence and wellness. 


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