Let’s try new Oppo Assistive Ball Feature for persons with restricted mobility

Assistive Ball feature: Using this feature provides choices to access numerous common phone features all over the touchscreen, other than depending only on touch or tactile buttons. This facilitates the user to operate the virtual navigation keys. The virtual navigation keys facilitate the user to operate the keys with just one finger. To take a screenshot and open the notification center. Assistive Ball can assist the user when they perform any difficult task. More features about the Assistive Ball are as shared below.

This New feature is Applicable to ColorOS 5.0 devices and above. Assistive Ball can perform 7 wide varieties of Activities Like,

  • Returning to the upper Page, 
  • Going to the Home page,
  • Open Notifications Center,
  • View recent tasks,
  • Lock the screen,
  • Take screenshots, finally
  • Enter One-hand Mode.

3 steps to Configure this New Feature

  1. Go to Settings, 2.  Then to Smart & Convenient, 3.  Assistive Ball, next select any one operation style. 

Gesture Operations: Under Gesture Operations, one can allocate many actions like a double-tap, single tap, or long-press. For instance, allocate “Home” to “Touch and hold”, next long-press the Assistive Ball to go to the home screen.

Tap Menu: In Tap Menu there are 5 shortcuts to facilitate many features. One can tap a shortcut and modify the option to which the user prefers. By tapping the Assistive Ball on any screen lets the shortcut menu to pop. With an active Assistive Ball, one can hold the floating button and scroll through the screen to any desired location to make it accessible or move it off the way. 

When not in use one can adjust the slide of the Assistive Ball, by just going to, 

  • {Settings} then to {Smart & Convenient} next {Assistive Ball}, at last, drag the slider.

Hiding the Assistive Ball Automatically in Full Screen in 4 steps. 

  • Select Settings 
  • Smart & Convenient
  • Assistive Ball, then turn on 
  • Hide Ball Automatically in Full Screen. 

By swiping down from the top of the screen one can expose the Assistive Ball.

Note: This new Application {Assistive Ball} is not available in all regions. Go to, [Settings], [Search], then type “Assistive Ball” to know if your phone is supported with this New Application. Even though the pictures, settings and paths might vary from those of the user’s phone, the description in this article will be the same. 


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