Liftware electronic utensils for people with parkinson’s disease or hand tremor

Liftware Electronic Utensils are designed to benefit people with Hand Tremor due to Parkinson’s or any other disease resulting in damage to the brain causing loss of fine motor activity in upper limbs. Like holding a spoon to eat food.

More about Lifeware:

Lifeware is an organization working towards the betterment of persons suffering with hand tremor due to various causes including Parkinson’s. It’s a group of engineers and scientists working towards developing new technologies for patients with limited hand and arm mobility and hand tremor.

Liftware which was founded in 2012, joined Google Life Science in 2014, came into reality in 2015. The team was motivated to such a concept after watching the experiences of those with tremors. They decided to come up with products that could be helpful in improving the total value of life and provide independence to tremor patients, helping them to eat more easily.

Liftware Steady is a selection of utensil attachments and Electronic Stabilizing handle which comprises everyday spoon, fork, soup spoon and spork. This Kit of Liftware Steady Utensil is intended to provide help for people with hand tremor to have their food with much ease.

How to use it?

This Liftware Steady Contains 2 parts: 

  • A stabilizing Handle: By connecting the attachment to turn it automatically on to enjoy one’s meal and then just use the dock to charge. 
  • A Utensil Attachment: This utensil attachment can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher with the usual vessel cleaning detergents, sponge and warm water. When coming to the computerized handle it cannot be submerged in water or cannot be washed in a dishwasher. This part of the spoon can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes or damp sponge. 

To start using the product, connect the soup spoon attachment or other accessories into the charged handle and to start eating connect the soup spoon attachment to the stabilizing handle, it can hold round (1 tablespoon of fluid) and pick up food like cereals, soups and other liquids. To charge the accessories, Just Disconnect the attachment and connect your handle to the charger. 

Additional Features of this Liftware Steady are:

  • An onboard computer to vigorously monitor and counteract the user’s tremor with Advanced sensors and motors. 
  • This product’s Battery lasts for at least an hour with nonstop use (around 3 meals) on a single charge.
  • The build-in-sensors within the stabilizing handles, the computer and motors help to sense and offset hand tremors.
  • The travel pouch, charger and hand strap are included. 

Liftware Steady are designed to counteract tremors and shaky hands due to Parkinson’s disease or essential tremors, it automatically stabilizes, so that the attached spoons or forks shake only 70% less helping the patients have their food easily.


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