Looking for bathroom wheelchairs? here are some

Patients and their caregivers with locomotor disabilities and those who are confined to wheelchairs for their day-to-day activities would be in the quest of wheelchairs that are convenient enough to be used within the bathrooms and lavatory, here are a few new specially designed products available on the market.

These specially designed wheelchairs are for those who have difficulty in using the lavatory, these specially designed wheelchairs are also recognized as Shower Wheelchairs.

Let’s get into the details of these specially designed wheelchairs available!

  • Drop-arm Transport chair commode by Nova

This specially designed wheelchair has a drop arm and a removable swing-away footrest by which transferring the person using the wheelchair is made easy. Its padded seats can be converted to a transport chair as well. It weighs just about 21.7 lbs. which makes it easy to lift if required. It also has a bucket and a lid. 

  • Nova’s Deluxe Commode and Shower Chair:

Another wheelchair specially designed by Nova comes with a Waterfall Armrest and Padded Seat. This product comes with 4 swivel-lock casters which help secure the flexibility and position along with a Removable Swing-Away Footrest

  • Aluminum Shower Commode Chair by Healthline:

This wheelchair is a specially designed hybrid standard product which has both a commode and transport in one. The highlights of this specially designed wheelchair are its framework which is built of aluminum which is resistant to rust, next and best part of this wheelchair is it’s 5 inches locking casters which ensures the safety making it immoveable. 

  • VIP Tilt-in-Space Chair by Aquatec Ergo:

This specially designed modular wheelchair that’s completely customizable is designed in a way that it can be tilted from a -5 degree to 40-degree angle. This chair displays the latest technology of Slide and Pivot Mechanism by which the wheelchair can be moved Forward or Backwards by keeping the user’s Center of Gravity nearer to the chair. 

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