MediTouch HandTutor: excellent companion for arm rehabilitation

Arm rehabilitation treatment and support devices has been the need of hour since past few decades.  This segment is rich in complexities and so must be the equipment that deals with it.  Since its innovation and introduction to the medical device market, MediTouch HandTutor has earned a great response from its users, both the professional and personal segments. MediTouch HandTutor can aid in the fine motor functions and cognitive impairment assistance.  It focuses on a broad range of user segments including multiple sclerosis, stroke, parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, cases of peripheral nerve injuries and other weaknesses in the muscle


MediTouch HandTutor Usage


The HandTutor kit consists of a pair of wearable gloves along with the rehabilitation software program. The device can be accessed via an adapter cable and it can be connected among device and a computer.  With the installed software application, the strength of muscles and initial range of motion are mentioned and thereby offering intensity of assistance, treatment time, rehabilitation program and associated game to be selected by the user.  After wearing the device, and once the connections are made, that hand and finger movements can be tracked and displayed on the system screen at the real time.  Daily exercise records and progress charts can be made from the outputs and observations.

MediTouch HandTutor can be effortlessly integrated with the functional electrical stimulation that would enhance the range of motion and thereby increasing the fine motor actions along with sensory and cognitive assisted active movement ability.  Altogether MediTouch HandTutor rates five star as the device is capable of delivering mobility assistance that’s close to the user perception of independent mobility. The certifications of CE and FDA has accredited to the credibility of the device which has made it welcoming and enriching as a system being used by the leading occupational and physical therapeutic providers.


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