Recent movements from Microsoft for digital accessibility

Microsoft opens new doors of opportunities to the disabled community true their new project which was announced last week they announced a five-year commitment to create new opportunities for people with disabilities and it is  Led by innovation in accessible technology and this new initiatives will welcome more people with disabilities into the workforce and is trying to development more of a inclusive workplace, this plan is a part of the company’s public effort to do it’s part in finding a solution to the disability divide. Here by Microsoft’s technology preference is consolidating accessibility by design, a principle that would strengthen the importance of developing the accessibility mindset among the society and which will make a inclusive society without disability divide. The new initiative “accessible by design” integrated to artificial intelligence and other technology advancements to make accessibility much easier to apply.

Microsoft announcement include:

  • Accessibility checker in Office apps and Outlook that would ensure that accessibility without any divide
  • Automatic heading styles applied with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Immersive Reader tool built into certain Microsoft programs to help improving the reading and writing skills.
  • They are also bringing forward automated accessibility tools into software for spotting certain kinds of accessibility issues

These progressive steps infer that the external world could potentially get benefited from their internal needs along with their own workforce. By considering how so much of the client population who work with Microsoft products and platforms every day and this revolutionary initiative would bring out many good assistive technologies to wipe off the disability divide and will open up new doors of opportunity to the disabled community.

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