Replicable models: Free Tablet Programme for Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Nowadays, various effective programs are conducted worldwide for individuals with learning disabilities and assistive devices are being considered extensively in learning. The UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Departments (DCMS), has been providing free devices to people with learning disabilities. Helping them to stay connected with family and friends during the pandemic. 

The new Digital Lifeline scheme, provides tablets to people with learning disabilities to those who are not able to afford them. The Government’s Digital Lifeline Fund provides free data and tech support devices to thousands of people with learning disabilities. The government aims at improving the lives of people, helping them to stay connected with their friends and family and to an extent lead a normal communal life. Most of the people had been going through social exclusion due to the pandemic, the Government grasped the use of technology which could to a extend break down the barricades to digital inclusion among the underprivileged. 

The UK Government was already facing a digital divide even before the pandemic strike. A majority of the public did not have access to digital devices at home. Another Half of the public did not have the needed digital skills required to carry on basic tasks, which kept them off from taking part in activities like looking for a job or doing an online shopping.

The Free tablet Project, by Good Things Foundation and AbilityNet helped the Government to provide accessibility and assistive technologies to the organizations that participated. The Organizations working with individuals with learning disabilities can benefit from the Digital Lifeline Fund by applying and taking part in the programme. Organizations joining in this programme can apply and issue devices to individuals who are digitally excluded with learning disabilities. Other measures taken by the Government is funding the local authorities to support the disabled. Also donating to charities aiming to help those with learning disabilities and autism. Government is dedicated to improving the lifestyle of the physically challenged and those who are with less digital knowledge to get them into it and make them feel more comfortable working with the digital devices.  

This Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need and essentiality of having online data knowledge and its accessibility. Actually, an eye Opener. 

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