Rollators or walkers: 4 ways rollators can assist you

Walking support equipments are necessary for the aged, people with disabilities and sometimes for the assistance in other medical conditions.  Walkers are undoubtedly the most popularly used walking aid, now let’s consider an innovative product named as Rollators.

As the name suggests Rollators is literally a wheeled version of the traditional walker.  In fact, this is a recommendable alternative to walkers as it need not be lifted and makes the process of walking effortless and more in the flow.  These assistive support are equipped with swivel casters for easier coordination along with hand brakes that altogether offers a greater range of motion and effective manoeuvring.  Let’s dig deep into the aspects by which how this innovative assistive solution can be of support for its user.

  1. Quick and efficient to maneuver: The brakes which are attached to both the hands are tailor made to offer greater handling capacity.
  2. Improved stability and walking balance: Greater stability and balance is facilitated by swivel casters and its synchronized movement.
  3. Reduced risk of falling: Usually no risk of falling is associated with walking under stressed conditions and unavailability of support for resting or relaxation. With the added provision of padded seating, the segment of users who get tired easily can relax and make themselves comfortable along with having medicine or water which can be stored in the space provided beneath the seat.
  4. Enhanced support for body from both sides: The innovative device design as a support structure for both the arm, essentially provides safe and comfortable stand up and walking posture.

It’s worth mentioning that rollators aren’t meant for the users who need support in holding their entire weight, just because of the simple reason that rollators are wheel based assistive aids.  Also, for the same reason it cannot be used as a transportation device.

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