Samsung’s New ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TV Is Thinner


  • It is available in the selected market 
  • It comes with high refresh rate
  • It is a thinner TV

Samsung is in the market with the updated version called the Wall MicroLED TV. The company comes with a thinner TV with improved AI, a high refresh rate, and better image quality. The most important specification is a 1,000-inch display. To know the pricing, availability and specification read the article.

Specifications of Wall MicroLED TV

The huge display of the Samsung Wall microLED TV is over 1,000 inches with up to 16K resolution. The 1,000 inches provide expansive canvas for showcasing content. It sports HDR10+, Eye Comfort mode, and implements wireless docking connections. The modular display is slimmer and the refresh rate is 120Hz. The business can use it to showcase their content. The TV comes with greater color purity and easy installation, it has a retooled and improved Micro AI processor.

This latest addition to Samsung’s optimizes videos for better content upscaling and cancels noise from videos. Moreover, Samsung uses Black Seal and Ultra Chroma technologies that give more compelling videos. Samsung reports that the new 2021 model can be installed in several crucial locations. The microLED panel design of the latest TV is easy to install even in ceilings and other difficult settings. The company tries to  give the customer an unforgettable experience. The cutting-edge and nice designs put forward picture quality and an overall immersive experience.

The company makes it available in some world markets. The company does not reveal the price of the device. The details of selected markets are not available. 

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