Self-Driving Wheelchair by Cyberworks

Let’s get to know about a self-driving wheelchair by Cyberworks! All those patients who are confined to live their life within permitted limits of a house on a wheelchair would have dreamt of having a wheelchair that can be driven without taking help from any caregivers and can use with much ease. The wheelchair users always would enjoy as much help or support they can get to make their daily life much easier and comfortable. As some diseases just engulf the patients bit by bit from day to day and make them more fragile and sicker, especially for the elderly their old age demands more care and help from their family members. There is the need for accessories, be it a walking stick or a wheelchair. 

One of the latest wheelchair Innovations is this self-driving wheelchair. This product by Cyberworks is the product of the same company that had originated with the world’s first autonomous robot. 

Some specifications of this Cyberworks Self-driven Wheelchair are as mentioned below:

Its Sensors: The sensors that’s fitted in this self-driven wheelchair assists in detecting objects without using hands.  All that a user needs to do is set where he needs to go and his present location. The wheelchair runs all the way to the destination by itself.

The Mapping Technology: The Mapping Technology used in this Self-driven wheelchair is provided by University of Sherbrooke. Even though there are numerous other wheelchairs that are self-driven, this becomes unique as it utilizes the existing technology to run, so it’s expected to be much cheaper than the ones available in the markets. 

 Visual Sensors:  Visual sensors that are fitted in this self-driven wheelchair enables them to avoid obstacles in the runway. The exceptional aspect in the visual sensors is its designed with an advanced technology to notice glass doors which otherwise is ignored by visual sensors. 

These types of self-driven wheelchairs were primarily used by extremely injured or by individuals with upper body impairment, thus advancement in this type of self-driven wheelchairs with effective prices can be used by everyone using a wheelchair for a better living. 


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