Sesame Enable declares sesame 4.0 and Open Sesame for windows,  How does it work? 

This totally reshaped design of Open sesame can be operated on the windows operating system. The users, especially students can benefit from this new technology by using the Head-tracking technology and without any additional hardware on one’s Windows desktop, tablet or laptop. The features include a simplified interface, AAC mode, providing more control for the caregivers. 

 How does it work? 

This technology functions using the front facing camera on the device or any webcam that’s attached to the device that is being conveniently used by the user. The first version of this technology is already being used by education systems. The Windows AAC Companion, allows entire control of any Windows AAC education applications, just using head-control. The system’s simplicity and in-built intersection makes it an satisfactory choice for quadriplegic children.

Sesame Enable: This is an entire touch-free design which is invented for people with extreme disabilities. An Upper limb impaired person can completely benefit as Open Sesame enables the user to operate the Mobile encouraging them to indulge in finding the lost or unseen world of Personal communication. With this technology the users can enjoy the social apps. They can send messages, make phone calls, post messages on Facebook, even download any of their desired apps all touch free.

Using this Sesame Enable application to operate any Mobile device.

Using Head Movements, persons with limited hand movements can use their mobile devices. Open sesame, helps to restore the freedom of using the mobile devices using the front-facing camera of any android device. Open Sesame, tracking head movements unlocks social activity, touch-free texting, searching the web and so on.

Now coming to how does this Open Sesame work:

  • Tracking: – First download the App, then command “Open Sesame” to your mobile device which unlocks it. After which the device camera picks up the minor head actions or movements and uses them as commands to swipe or tap.
  • Cursor: – Once after getting connected, the cursor will follow the user’s head movements, when the user turns his/her head to right the cursor will move towards right, when the user turns his/her head to left the cursor will move to left, likewise to up and down. By providing an easy application Open sesame lets the user make calls to their dear ones or learn new subjects of their choice unlike switch solutions. 

6 features of this application are:

  • Touch-free control: The need for touch is eliminated by the Gesture Recognition technology which recognizes even the minute head movements.
  • Integrated Voice Control: The user can use his voice and command the on/off actions in the phone and also answer the incoming calls. 
  • Download Apps: The touch-free interface spreads to any app from the Google play store.
  • It Works Out of the Box: Touch-Free works Immediately, no additional hardware required. 
  • Weightless Mobile Design: The Mobile Devices are designed with User Interface keeping in mind the ease and speed of use. 
  • Elegant & Affordable: This system needs no external Hardware support. 

This Redesigned Open Sesame design is apt for quadriplegic children or adults also for those who are suffering from;

Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig disease), neuromuscular disease (SMA, CMD, Duchenne’s and more), Amputations, Previous Stroke, Cerebral Palsy (depending on control of head) and any other conditions leading to Impairment to upper limbs. 

To conclude with this new Technology, Sesame Enable is hoped to open up a new world of hope to the persons with above mentioned disabilities. 


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