Swim Accessories and assistive gear for special needs

Swim accessories constitute an important segment in rehabilitation process. We have listed top assistive solutions for swimming in gear for persons with disabilities and elderly. Check this out If you’re looking for some.

Swim Diapers:

Swim Diapers could be easily available for kids, toddlers and infants but for special needs it’s hard to find.  Now with several companies coming up with a variety of options suitable for different ages and needs, finding secure and unobtrusive swim diapers for elderly has become easier. These below mentioned options are great to manage incontinence, with swim diapers and secure underwear sized for kids, teens, adults and elderly. 


  Containment Swim Brief.

A great relief for the youth, children or adults dealing with incontinence, these SOSecure swim briefs are an effective and discreet swimming undergarment.

Discovery Trekking Outfitters introduces this SOSecure Containment Swim Briefs. These special Swim Briefs are designed focusing on practicality, durability and comfort. These Undergarments are prescribed by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and caregivers to help their patients enjoy life to the fullest. 

My Pool Pal Special Needs Swim Gears:

Floatation Swimwear, Aqua Force, Sun Protection, Special Needs and Aquatic Therapy and finally Swim Diaper are the varieties available. Available in different sizes for Adults, Youth, Infants and Toddlers.

    • Flotation Swimwear: My Pool Pal Flotation Swimsuit, is designed to maintain Resistance and stability in the water. These swimsuits are easy to care for as they can be Rinsed or Hand washed then Hang to dry. They are manufactured of Nylon and Spandex Spectrum Pro which provides High resistance to Chlorine, Dries quickly. Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam Resistance provides Comfort and Flexibility and proper Fit.  All the above features provide, Unrestricted Movement, Confidence, Natural Balance, Stability. 
    • Aqua Force: These Coast Guard Approved Swimwear and are just as SOSecure Swim Gears, and share the same features. 
  • Sun Protection: It’s comfortable to wear, stylish in everyday play or apt for Beach Use. Machine wash to clean and Hang Dry to maintain. 
  • Special Needs & Aquatic Therapy: 
  • These are reusable Swim Diapers with Antibacterial, Germ and Bacteria Resistance. 
  • Constructed with Nylon and Spandex with breathable antibacterial film. 
  • It fits Unnoticeably Under a Swimsuit, Substituting traditional Absorbent Diapers. 
  • Avoids Air Pockets, reducing risk of infections and rashes caused due to heat and moisture. 
  • Helps avoid Dripping and Sagging. 
  • Avoid Hand wash and Hang to get Dried.
  • Swim Diapers: Swim Diapers share the same features as of other varieties, as they are Antibacterial, Comfortable and Discreet, Fast drying, Latex Free, Machine Wash and Hang dry. 
  • Kiefer Youth Swim Diapers & Kiefer Adult Swim Diapers:

These Swim Diapers share the same features and are carefree swimming suits. They are washable and reusable, Stain resistant, they can be worn alone or under other swimsuits. Also, water resistant. 

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