Top 4 Low-Cost Transfer Benches for Wheelchair Users

How many of you have gone through the tuff times to use a lavatory after an accident or any sort of temporary illness, that could have put you in a situation where you had to depend on a wheelchair to move around and most of all attending a nature’s call.  Transfer Benches can be a great solution to the above situation, to carry out their bath or use the toilet with less fear of fall and getting injured.  These Benches are four-legged structures created to help the users to enter or exit the bathtub bracket with ease. 

The latest low-priced choices now available on the market are mentioned below with product details.

  • Drive Three Piece:  This product is made out of Aluminum with an A-frame which provides great stability. It comes with a Blow-molded plastic backrest, pinch-free push pins for depression which allows the user to push the pins without hurting their fingers. It almost comes in a single color, Gray.  It weighs around 12.48 lbs and its height is 28 inches.  Its cost is $89.00.


  • Medline with Microban:  This product features are, it comes with a Height adjustable and reversible backrest it comes with a cup foot providing better suction and extra support. Also, the product has an antimicrobial which prevents the growth of odors and stains.  Weight capacity of the product is 350 lbs and the arms are distanced at 18.1 inches.  Its price: $115.00.


  • Drive Padded Seat (Commode opening):  This versatile product comes with a combined commode and transfer bench. A comfortably cushioned seat and backrest. The aluminum frame which is just one-inch will provide comfort and stability. This bench weighs 10 lbs and it can afford a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The seat is 24 inches wide and the depth is 16 inches.  Price: $126.25.


  • Lumex Bariatric: This Product comes with an extra-deep seat to comfort the seater also its rest-resistant. The additional features are, drainage holes in the seat, an assembled, tool-free attachment for the back which helps in instant use.  It can afford a weight of 600 lbs, it’s priced at $145.00. 


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