Top 6 accessibility features of Apple iPad 2010

The iPad, as a unique design by Apple is considered predominantly as an individual category that lies in between the smart phone range and the laptops.  By the physical design itself, accessibility has been addressed and acknowledged by all possible ways, even though some technologies are commended meritorious and some are treated otherwise. The following list explains briefly the features that make apple iPad 2010 an excellent assistive device

Features for assisting persons with visual impairment:

  • VoiceOver screen reader: a gesture based screen reader that gives the user audible description of screen contents. It includes the percentage of charge in battery, name of the incoming caller, your finger point on the screen etc.
  • White on black high contrast screen: functionality for easier readability by adjusting the brightness. System can be switched to black and white screen for higher contrast.
  • Zoom Feature: magnifies the text and other contents on the screen to the required percentage of magnification.
  • Full-screen zoom magnification: functionality for the user’s who need to magnify the entire screen.


Features for assisting persons with hearing impairment:

  • Support for playback of closed-captioned content: the provision of closed captions for video contents enabled in supported apps.

Mono audio: the option that converts two stereo tracks which are running simultaneously on each ear being combined in to a single track and playing it through each of the earbuds.  User can use this feature by opting Mono audio on.  Once the mode is toggled, whenever an audio is played, it will be heard as the same output from every speaker.


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