Top Assistive Swimming Aids for Quadriplegics

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises to be practiced by someone willing to stay fit. If someone got the techniques learned to stay floating in water, it would be great to go to pools at times for some aquatic fun. But if someone gets injured in the process or by some other reason and suffers a spinal cord injury then it would be a scary event getting back to the pool. But it would be beneficial if the patient gains the confidence to get back into the pool as it can be added as a therapeutic course. 

To get over the fear and enjoy swimming again, now there are many new Swimming Aid options available on the market. For those who have minimal arm function and for those who want to swim independently there are new Floating Suits and a Floatation Device that will help the person to swim without any assistance. 

Below mentioned are a few (To Swim) Assistive Products:

Portable Pool Lift: This assistive portable pool lift devices are designed to help the quadriplegics to get into the pool. As many of the quadriplegics find it difficult to get into the pool. As this Pool Lift is portable it can be carried to any part of the pool deck as per the patients need. Patriot is one of the most widely used types of Pool lift. The patients will require assistance to get into the Pool Lift chair due to their rigidity. 

Pool Pod: Pool Pod are a replacement of pool hoists and have won multi awards for swimming Pool lifts, they were developed to be used in the Summer Paralympics. Pool pods are in great demand on the market due to convenience. The Patient or user does not need to shift himself to any tiny seat if the person is using a waterproof wheelchair. If the user’s do not have a waterproof wheelchair, they can opt for a shower chair or pool chair. 

Flotation Collars:  This Flotation Collar is worn around the neck, to ensure the person’s head always stays above the water level. These are specially designed for those with impaired upper limbs. This product is also chosen by persons with limited arm movement providing them the confidence to use their arms in water. 

Flotation Suits:  For a quadriplegic or a paraplegic with restricted torso movement the Airtime Watertime floater suit would be a best choice. As it lets a quadriplegic or paraplegic person swim self-reliantly. This flotation suit lets you sit/stand straight in the water as your body is floating on water. This wetsuit has a built- in life jacket and it’s available for men and women according to their sizes.

Float chairs: These chairs are easy to transport, store and use. This chair can be used by the patients to rest in the water giving some mobility to their hands and legs. These Float chairs are made from Flotation Noodles.

EdgeMate Pool Chair:  It would not be easy for a quadriplegic to splash around in the pool. There’s where the EdgeMate Pool Chair comes into aid. Using this product, the patients can Independently with the help of the base in the chair can swim back and forth. This chair is attached to the edge of the pool for the patients to enjoy both worlds alike. 

Pool Candy Splash Runner: This Motorized Pool Lounger lets the patient enjoy being in water and cruise around without any fear of being in water. It’s Built-in Motors operated using joysticks to help in moving effortlessly across the water. 

WaveJet: The WaveJet are for those who love to surfboard but cannot use their legs to paddle. The WaveJet Propulsion surfboard helps the person to get into water and belly-board. These boards are for those serious surfers who used to surf and would like to get back to do the same after the injury. 

In short, all the above Assistive products are great to get the patient to get some workout in water and build their strength.


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