Top used communication tools and communication boards for Special Needs

Communication Board

Children with limited expressive language ability are the most beneficiaries of communication boards. A board with signs or images that is used to ease communication. Using the board Children can communicate, pointing and gesturing or staring at the various symbols and pictures. If a child is noticed with a communication disability the caregivers or parents can try to include a communication board in the classrooms at school.  

If a special needs child requires an Individualized education plan, then he needs a communication board to function efficiently in the classroom. A Communication Board may be required at home as well. A communication board is just a simple board with yes or no /a pencil and limited pieces of paper. The foremost purpose of these boards is letting the child communicate efficiently on the needs. 

These Communication Boards are not only for children with special needs but equally be helpful for adults with special needs. It would be very useful for stroke patients or patients with limited communication abilities. Such patients can communicate with their Personal Doctors or with a medical team as to how ill or comfortable they feel. 

High-Tech Communication Tools

Physically impaired persons or special needs persons with communication disability can take great advantage of Digital media software which provide a variety of options.

Computer software programs or assistive devices also permit people with communicative language inability to interact with others. These patients just need to push a button on a device that will speak for them. Some High-tech devices can speak for the person at just a blink of an eye. Some best devices provide people numerous ways to communicate; they are known as multimodal devices. Many High-Tech Expensive Devices are available on the market. Many mobile phones have Apps that too can help assist people with the communication Impairment. The patients or those in need of these services can select from the choice available, depending on their finance and persons real needs.

Simple communication Boards can be made by Parents and Children together as a bonding experience. If not possible can try with Communication Boards manufactured by numerous companies. Communication boards are a low-tech way of communication.  For any Means of Communication, the person needs to be Mentally alert. For instance, if the person is suffering from a cognitive impairment along with communication disability, then these high-tech or low-tech devices may not be of any better assistance. So, an (AAC) device specialist can better decide or choose the right device that can be of use.

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