Top 2 Innovative assistive solutions for quadriplegics

Assistive solutions help increase the Independency in the individuals with limited mobility, scientists have been developing and testing many advanced Medical Devices. One of the biggest challenges for scientists has been to find resolutions for improving quality of life for people with severe paralysis and permanent spinal cord injuries.  Scientists have used modern technology in creating Medical Devices for quadriplegia.

The scientists have been working hard to create an ultimate piece of technology/Medical Device to help quadriplegics perform their daily tasks. From mind-controlled exoskeletons to eye tracking technology has evolved. In all these Medical Devices/technologies a central role is played by the AI-powered solutions. 

2 Assistive Medical devices for quadriplegics are being discussed below:

Exoskeleton suit:  Exoskeleton Suit that’s controlled by Mind Reading. In this method 2 implants are placed within the head by which the person’s brain activity is monitored and transferred to a nearby computer, which in turn converts them into instructions and controls the exoskeleton, allowing the person to walk and move his limbs. This study and research works are a good proof of the team working towards providing a better and progressive life for the quadriplegics. 

Smartphone app Tecla-e: This smart and very latest Invention is all about an Assistive Medical device which connects to the cloud and provides its quadriplegic users complete access to their smart devices, like, laptops, tablets, smart home technologies such as thermostats and lighting and even mobile phones. The Tecla-e facilitates the quadriplegic persons to control their wheelchair driving, with switches that are capable of providing alternative ways to interact with computers. This Tecla-e-technology is for people with limited mobility and this technology can be connected with 8 Bluetooth devices at a time and can be easily swapped between them. The devices that can be well-matched include computers, smart TVs, smartphones, and Alexa-enabled voice assistants. This system works with a Wi-Fi connection to function and needs an Android app or iOS to configure and control a range of smart technologies.  This product’s battery lasts for 48 hours. The products remote monitoring feature allows the Tecla-e users family members and caregivers to keep a check on the user with its built-in sensors.  This Canadian company claims their product is much affordable, compared to now available similar traditional Assistive Medical Devices. 


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